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Tef loved cuddling under the covers during storms:)

Tonight Sandy is expected to hit land.  This is especially scary for those people up North that are not accustomed to storms of this great of a  magnitude.  My prayers and thoughts are sent out to the people in this region.  Since I live in South Florida, where storms & power outages are something we accept for the trade-off of lovely warm sunshiny weather, I have made  a list of the food items I keep on hand during the Hurricane season:)  I hope this helps give you some ideas of what to have for dinner during the storm & some little hints of what to do:)

Stay safe & eat well:)

Here are a couple of helpful storm hints

  • If you are in an evacuation zone Evacuate!!!! Don’t be selfish & take time and energy away from the emergency crews because you did not leave!  These brave men & women should not have to risk their lives because you did not leave…. By not leaving you are taking away time from someone else that needs help….
  • The general rule of thumb is to have at least 1 gallon of water per person per day (this is really important… always purchase more than enough water, since I live in a condo, I always have extra in case I have a neighbor that needs water-  another important point of this , remember sometimes after a storm, the water pipes are damaged, so the water is not safe to drink or use… keep this in mind when purchasing water. I know you are thinking what am I going to do with all this water after the storm if I don’t use it… donate it to your local homeless shelter, or Ronald McDonald House…)
  • Make sure to have some sort of portable stove.  I have a little butane stove; I purchased it at a restaurant supply house but you can also find them in party supply stores and in Japanese stores.. or check your local Ace Hardware store ( they cost about $25).  A little note here, make sure you have plenty of butane, I usually have a case on hand.  Remember if you are relying on a grill to cook your food, that is fine.. but..it is not safe to bring the grill inside and often times it is not safe to go outside, even in your own yard- you could get injured with flying debris or tree limbs…   just a thought:) Also, make sure that if you are going to use a grill to cook your food to purchase fuel for it:)
  • Make sure not to drive unless you have to.  There are many reasons for this… first of all people get nuts during a storm.  They drive like nuts and they act like nuts… second, driving in wet conditions makes the roads much more of a danger, but when storms come it is super dangerous because of the massive amounts of water that hide things in the road.. such as wires, tree limbs, glass, etc. You are also at risk of  hydroplaning  when you drive.  Another point, the emergency vehicles need to be able to get to their destination quickly without you on the road.  Also, you risk damaging your car.  In short… stay in your house until the authorities have told you it is safe to come out:)
  • Make sure you stock up on trash bags & baby wipes.  Trash bags can be used for just about anything:)  Baby wipes are great to stay clean:)
  • Stock up on paper towels:)
  • Make sure to have some CASH on hand- in small bills like $1, $5 and $10’s.
  • Make sure all your vehicles are filled with gas. This one is tough for me, I have to admit I always ride on E…:)
  • Make sure to stay informed about the storm warnings and watches in your area.
  • If you know someone that is elderly or needs assistance, you may want to invite them to stay with you until the storm danger is over.
  • Make sure you have all your medications refilled.
  • PET Safety:)  -1.  make sure that you have a leash & a carrier for your pet 2. make sure that you have enough pet food 3. make sure that you have enough medications for your pets 4.  pets get really scared during storms, be prepared to help calm them 5. make sure to never let the door open for your pet to escape (when your pet is scared they often don’t respond to commands) 6. most animals do not like the rain, so have rag towels to dry them off as soon as they come in from the rain 7.  make sure that when you take your animal outside to do its business be extra careful to watch your pet, as they can get into things that are not ordinarily on the ground
  • Think before you do anything… really, most storm safety recommendations are common sense:)  Moto: Safety Always Especially During a Storm!!! 

Now for the food part:)

  • Unless you have not been to the grocery in a long time … or you usually keep an empty pantry, you should be okay and not really have to go to the store.  I find that going to the store during a storm gets really crazy.  People are grabbing all sorts of things & acting really nuts. When a storm is predicted to hit, I often see people with carts full, I mean FULL of stuff, even if they were house bound for a year they would not use all that stuff!  If you do go to the store, only get what you need for your family. Don’t be a hoarder!
  • Your freezer and refrigerator have a lot of things that will keep you for a few days:)
  • Don’t purchase many things that will go bad without refrigeration. I usually purchase milk, cheese, eggs & fruits & vegetables.
  • Most fruits are fine without refrigeration and several vegetables will be fine too:)
  • When purchasing food think of dishes to use it in… don’t just randomly purchase food:)
  • Also, make sure to purchase some canned beans.. really anything canned is good:)  I like beans because they are filling and I can do lots of things with them:)
  • Make sure to have some good sea salt… my favorites are Maldon Sea Salt Flakes & Gray Sea Salt.  Just a tad of sea salt on just about any thing makes it a really nice snack or even a meal… like avocado with sea salt & extra virgin olive oil… yum:)
  • Make sure to have some good extra virgin olive oil…:)
  • Either make or purchase some snacky food.  ( I like to make oatmeal granola with dried cherries & apricots and make a few loaves of fruit bread and cookies)
  • Either make or purchase some bread:)  It will be lovely to round out your dinner, or lunch and makes lovely french toast:)
  • Once the electricity goes out, only open your refrigerator once you know what you are going to take out!!! No staring at the shelves… trying to figure out what you are going to take out:)
  • For the coffee lovers… make sure you get a French Press to have your coffee without the coffee maker:)  .. and if you grind the beans fresh every morning like me… make sure to grind enough beans for about five days:)  Just to be safe:)
  • Stay calm & don’t worry!  You and your family will not starve… in fact this could be a time for fun experimenting with food.. your family will have to eat it… it is not like they can go out to eat if they don’t like your food:)  LOL”:)

My Favorite Meals During a Storm:)

  • Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted red pepper salad with Maldon Sea Salt & Extra Virgin Olive Oil – this is a great salad, it is filling and really tastes wonderful (the mozzarella tastes better at room temperature:)
  • Cheese quesadillas- this is a favorite in my house.  With pre-made small tortillas (that do not have to be refrigerated… 🙂  this meal is a snap. Just put some cheese on a tortilla, let it heat up for about 4 minutes , then turn it and yummmm:) Cut with a pizza cutter and Serve with salsa (homemade is preferable)  and canned corn salad ( thawed frozen corn) with jalapenos and onions 🙂
  • Cannellini white  beans, capers, olives, oregano, crushed gray sea salt, Squeeze of fresh lemon juice, Tonno Tuna in olive oil (in a can imported from Italy- Costco sells this:), and fresh campari tomatoes- this makes a hearty dinner salad.  Just drain the beans & rinse them off then put into a large bowl, cut the tomatoes, squeeze the lemon and crush the gray sea salt… and serve with crusty bread:)
  • French toast- this is a great way to use your bread that is a little stale along with your milk, eggs and everyone has vanilla & sugar:)
  • Cheese & Crackers.. or bread- why not enjoy a glass of wine with cheese, crackers & bread for dinner.  I love this dinner anyway…!
  • Black Bean Tortillas- this is a great lunch or dinner, just take your tortilla ( I like the small ones)  and place a little black beans on top with some cilantro, and extra sharp cheddar cheese and top with another tortilla .  Then warm till slightly golden on both sides, cut with a pizza cutter and enjoy:)
  • Toasted cheese sandwiches a great way to use bread that is not super fresh:) Just take your bread, lightly coat with mayonnaise ( I like Dukes Mayonnaise) and top with a tasty cheese.. then top with another piece of bread that has been lightly coated with mayonnaise.  On medium heat let bread become a lovely golden then turn and let the other side become golden.  These are super- I learned this method from a diner in New York City:) serve with a sliced tomato, and sliced avocado salad  drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & topped with crush Maldon Sea Salt with just a touch of freshly ground pepper:)
  • Fresh fruit salad – this is awesome:)  you can use whatever fruit you have… sometimes a throw a few nuts in there:)
  • Have a neighbor empty out the refrigerator meat party:)  Do this after the danger of going out of your house is over… do not drive only walk to the neighbors houses:)

SO you see you don’t have to live off of canned soup and other nasty stuff during a storm.. you can eat well even in a storm!!!

Stay Safe:)

There are so many more ideas… what are your ideas?  

I would love to hear them:)  

I am always looking for more storm recipes:)

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