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Full of Good Things Soup.. Healthy & Delicious

I love soup:)  Last night I wanted a hardy soup.  You know one that makes your whole body nice and warm, like you just wrapped your Pacific Coast Down comforter around you.  Why you say do you need something that warms your bones in the hottest part of the summer?  Well, I will tell you:)  My boyfriend keeps it really cold in our condo, very cold, icy some would say.  My little Yorkie, Teflon, was always trying to go under the blankets to warm up or slivering into the littlest ray of sunshine once the sun started coming in the condo.

“Teflon” snuggled under his comforter, taking an afternoon snooze

Since it is winter in my house, I thought a nice bowl of warm thick soup would be a fantastic way to warm my bones.  Now this soup does have a fun, whole grain, that most consider to only be good for breakfast applications; however, I have found that OATMEAL, yes, that’s right, Oatmeal, is a fantastic way to add thickness to your soup:)  It also adds whole grain, a little flavor, and a lot of fiber, vitamins & minerals.  It may sound weird, adding oatmeal to soup, but go out of your comfort zone and try adding the oatmeal…  trust me..you’ll be glad you did:)   This soup is FULL of Good Things for you:)  Don’t forget to add the OATMEAL:)

Full of Good Things Soup

Makes a half of a large stock pot

  • 1 small onion ( cut into small dice)
  • 1 green part of leek ( I had this left over from another recipe, Use just the green part making sure to cut off about 2 inches of the thick hard green end)

    Leeks & onions mise en place

  • 2 carrots (no need to peel just cut into small dice)
  • 2 white all purpose potatoes (cut into small dice, no need to peel, the skin is thin- however if you have a russet or another potato with a thick skin make sure to peel it)
  • 1 head of green cabbage ( cored & cut into medium dice)
  • 1/4 head of red cabbage (cored & cut into medium dice)
  • rind from Parmesan cheese ( only need a piece that is about 2 inches by 2 inches)
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 roma tomato ( small dice)
  • 8 cups water
  • sea salt
  • freshly cracked pepper
  • About 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese finely grated (I like using a microplane)
  1. Prep all of your ingredients:)
  2. Heat a large stock pot over medium heat.
  3. Once heated, (means that when you hold your hand about an inch above the bottom of the pot it feels very warm, but not so hot that you have to take your hand away, if you do have to take your hand away that means it is too hot, move  the pot away from the heat for a few minutes – and turn down the heat a little)  add a few squirts of extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Then add the leek & onion.

    Leek & Onion starting to make a fine base for soup:)

  5. Sprinkle with fine sea salt , freshly cracked pepper & stir.
  6. The object is to cook the make the onion & leek very soft- stir it once in a while:)  This step gives a great deal of flavor to the soup, I recommend not skipping the leek, it adds more depth to the soup, that a regular onion does not have the ability to deliver.

    Leek & onion almost ready for the other vegetables

  7. Once leeks & onions are nice and soft (onions will be almost translucent) add the carrots, potatoes and the celery.

    ohhh .. more vegetables:)

  8. Sprinkle with fine sea salt.
  9. Stir the vegetables in the stock pot- this will coat them with the fat (the extra virgin olive oil) thus giving another layer of flavor to the soup.

    Stirring the pot of vegetable goodness

  10. Then add both the green & purple cabbage and the tomato.
  11. Sprinkle with fine sea salt.
  12. Then stir all the vegetables… it will smell heavenly at this point:)
  13. Let your vegetable mixture cook for about 5 minutes. This allows all the flavors to maintain their integrity once the water is put into the mix:)
  14. After the five minutes, stir the vegetables in the stock pot, then add the water.
  15. Bring water- vegetable mix to a boil.
  16. Once water vegetable mix is at a boil- lower to a simmer- my one Chef taught me this (NEVER let your soup boil… only simmer:)- the reason being is that when the soup boils it will ruins the flavors and leave you with mush grossness:)
  17. Also add the Parmesan rind… ( this adds a lot of flavor to the soup… and lets you use water instead of stock to make this soup)
  18. Once soup is simmering, add the oatmeal, then stir to incorporate oatmeal into the soup. (Don’t worry about “seeing” the oatmeal in the soup- the oatmeal with breakdown and look a lot like barley by the time the soup is done:)

    Oatmeal adds fiber, vitamins, minerals & flavor:)

  19. Place a lid on the soup, and simmer it on low heat for about an hour, stirring once  in a while.

    Simmering soup:)

  20. Once the hour is up,  make sure the vegetables are done, – the carrots and potatoes should still have a nice consistency to them, the oatmeal should have mellowed nicely into the background…check the soup for flavoring- you may need to add more salt & pepper.

    Soup is ready:)

  21. Before serving- take the Parmesan rind out of the soup.. you can leave it in if you want – heck you can even eat it if you want.. but I like to take it out- most of the flavor is out and it usually just tastes like a piece of rubber ( this means all that Parmesan goodness flavor is in your delicious soup!)
  22. Then  stir and ladle in to bowls, ( at this point you can – top with a little squirt of extra virgin olive oil & a bit of Parmesan cheese that has be microplaned- or do as I did for the photo & put a little bowl of Parmesan cheese on the side)
  23. Then serve with a nice whole grain bread, I served my Full of Good Things Soup with 100 % Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread ( I will share this recipe in a later post:)

    All you need is a soup spoon…

  24. Enjoy all the fiber, vitamin & mineral goodness in each delicious spoon full of your Full of Good Things Soup.

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