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Oh… Perky knows Popcorn:)

Real Popcorn …:) Really 🙂

Tonight I was at my friend, Art’s 70th birthday party. It was fabulous:) To see someone so happy and full of life was wonderful:) Anyway… I saw some of my neighbors that I taught how to make popcorn the Perky Way…. and this is where the story starts:) My friends are friends with a young fellow and his lovely young wife, lovely and in love is a great description of this happy couple, as they eat a half of a jar of peanut butter for dinner and make Roman Noodle sandwiches.. yet they are still madly in love:) which leads me to this part of the story.. the fellow wanted to impress his girlfriend with homemade popcorn, no the mircrowave kind… so he descided to make “homemade popcorn”, with the recipe that I had give my dear neighbor friends. The next day he came into work dejected, his attempt at wooing his girlfriend with his “fail proof” popcorn recipe had failed…my friend asked him to recount the night’s popcorn adventure in detail. Here are the details.. and this is just how it was told to me.. no emblishments:) ” Well… I ummmm.. opened a bag of microwave popcorn and rinsed it off so that it would be nice and clean. Then I proceeded to make the popcorn as you instructed.” Bless his little heart… My friend recalled this story with much pity for the little fellow and his lovely lady… if only we could only all live on the love and happiness this fellow and his gal have… and by the way they are awesome popcorn makers now… thanks to some revised instructions from my neighbors about which kind of popcorn to use:)

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