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My internship is almost over.  This has caused me to think about what I have learned over the course of the last three months of my internship.  Recently, I was asked what I have learned during my culinary adventure.  This is what I told the sous chef.  I have gained a great deal of insight into myself ( more about this in a later entry), which I am guessing is from all the hours that I spent staring at the knife wall thinking deep thoughts….while peeling eggs, peeling beets, peel lychees and peeling potatoes.   My kitchen skills have improved.  Certainly my knife skills are better!  I have a sneaky suspicion that my knife skills have improved because of all the orange zest, red peppers, red onions, white onions, and pig ears that I have julienned. These must be  the typical answers that a student would answer, because he said to me… well, what else did you learn?

So now I share with all my Perky Friends …..my ahaa moment…..during my time in the kitchen, I have also come up with a theory of the kitchen mentality which can be summed up in two words “Primal Instinct.”  I first thought of this a few days ago when I saw one of the sous chef taking a much-needed lunch break.  Mind you, if you want to have a bite of food, you have to squat down at your station with your back turned away from the front of the house.  So, here was this sous chef squatting while he was holding a big ox tail bone in one hand and with the other hand he was ripping off whatever meat he could not devour with his mouth.  This sous chef looked like a cave man.  Squatting, bone in hand with the succulent meat juices running down his face,  meaty juices in his facial hair  it was the epitome of  the word “primal.”  Hummm… cavemen grunted and  basically, the kitchen staff grunts most of the vocabulary in the kitchen is ” heard”, “fire”, “drop”, ” hangin”, “com’on down”, “hot” and “push it.”  The main word in the kitchen is “fire”  how much more caveman does it get than the word ” fire?”  The kitchen staff is mainly men…. men who grunt and naw meat off the bone and bite into mangos as they let the orange juices run down their faces.  It is a task driven space, where the task is to be done, “make it happen” , cavemen made it happen or they would die, and well, basically things can get pretty deadly in the kitchen if one does not make it happen.  So, you see cavemen would fit in very well in today’s kitchen:)

There you have it…. my “Primal Instinct in the Kitchen” theory.  What do you think?

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